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  • When someone calls me from the intercom, on my ANDROID device, I get a ringtone sound without any notifications and I cannot answer the call.
    It could be that your Android phone's operating system is blocking the push notifications from HIVE. With Android phones, they are all different, but here are the rough instructions: > Open the Settings App > Scroll down to Apps > Scroll down to Hive > Notifications > Allow Notifications
  • Can I sign in to my Hive mobile app account on multiple devices?
    No, you will only receive your Hive Intercom video calls on the last mobile device that you sign into, meaning, once you sign into your Hive mobile account on a second device, your previous device will stop receiving Hive Intercom video calls. If you like to have your other household members receive video calls on their smartphones, ask your property manager to create an account for them.
  • What if I run out of data on my mobile plan or have no access to the internet on my phone?
    If a visitor is calling you while your smartphone does not have an internet connection, the intercom will call you on your telephone number instead. You can then answer and press "9" to give access to your guests.
  • Can I opt out of using the smartphone application?
    Yes, simply sign out of the mobile application and you will receive your intercom calls on your telephone number. Simply answer and press "9" to give access to your visitors.
  • Where can I download the HIVE Smartphone Application?
    Search for "Hive Intercom" on AppStore or PlayStore. Download here for iOS. Download here for Android.
  • Can I add other household members to the intercom directory?
    Yes, in fact we designed it that way. The intercom directory is linked to RESIDENTS rather than UNITS, so if you have more than one household member living in your unit, ask your property manager to add all the residents to the directory. This way, every household member will get calls from their own visitors or courriel parcels.
  • Can't find the answers to your question?
    Contact or chat with us on the HiIVE smartphone app. We will be happy to help.
  • Is there a maximum number of units or users per building?
    No, property managers can add as many residents to the HIVE Directory as they like, without any limitation.
  • Is Hive Intercom suitable for outdoors installations?
    Yes, the intercoms are IP65 waterproof and can function well in temperatures of -30 to +70 degrees Celsius.
  • Can't find the answers to your question?
    Contact or chat with us on the HiIVE smartphone app. We will be happy to help.
  • Is there a chance that subscription prices increase after a HIVE Intercom is installed at our building?
    No, subscription prices will remain constant for all existing customers, with the exception of adjusting for national inflation rate.
  • What if a resident does not have smartphone?
    The resident will be able to recieve their intercom calls on a telephone number of their choice. They can simply answer and press "9" to give access to their visitors.
  • Can this be used to open back doors or garage entrances?
    Yes, Hive Intercom can be used on any door that can be controlled with a relay.
  • Do you provide installation services?
    No, we are the providers of the intercom hardware and the software that runs it. The installation is standard and any certified access control and security installer can do the job.
  • Does this intercom replace the key fobs?
    No, you would still need your key fobs for other common areas in your buildings, but you wouldn't need your key fobs for the entry door anymore (if you are using the smartphone app).
  • Can we install this without hiring a professional installer?
    HIVE Intercom is very easy to install, however, we highly recommend that the installation is done by a certified access control installer.
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